Hunarmund invests in innovative training and development programs, developmental tools and services to enable the artisans to gain competency and self-sufficiency. Hunarmund is the very first pioneering effort to develop and empower the Artisans of Pakistan through Education,
Skills training and Entrepreneurship, digitally.


We are training artisans to effectively use smartphone and desktop. Through this they are able to learn the basics of technology so that they can make best use of it to meet their needs. We give them the basics of MS Word, Powerpoint and Excel as well as how to search for what they’re looking for on Google, may it be a DIY craft video or learning a language. 


Empowering the artisans to learn new skills using technology as well as bringing to them existing art and craft tools and training them how to use it, enhancing the quality of their work as well making them more specialized in what they know best.

Training to use readily available craft tools

Providing them with the tools they need

Train the Trainer Programme
A trainer from each of the focused city/districts will be appointed and they will be provided with a curriculum and a monthly catalogue to train a team of existing and potential artisans. The Program will also include, and not be limited to, development of technological skills, speaking skills, team work development.


We are working to develop and train the artisans of Pakistan and provide them with the necessary tools to help them develop their products which they are being trained to make. We are in the midst of developing a sustainable craft colony in Pakistan, which will bosst the handicraft industry of Pakistan, increase exports of the country and also alleviate poverty at large.

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